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Planning Your Family Session

Family sessions are fun and casual. Please try to arrive a few minutes early to your session to discuss wardrobe selections and to give us all time to become comfortable with one another and the environment.

Some children get very nervous when it comes to having their picture taken. They get anxious around the lighting and equipment when in the studio. They are often dressed in outfits that they don't normally wear. And they are told over and over again that they will need to behave and smile for the camera.

Please try not to place too many expectations on your child(ren) before the session and make sure they are rested and well fed before arriving. Asking them to say, "Cheese!" is also not necessary. I prefer to capture genuine expressions through playful interaction.

I like to get to know them and play for a few minutes before starting the session in order to make them more comfortable. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve for getting them to smile and have fun.

Family sessions are conducted outdoors or in your home. If you have a place that has special meaning to you or that you find especially beautiful, please let me know. The Mellwood Art Center, where my studio is located, is a nice industrial property that lends itself well for casual family sessions. There are also several lovely parks and other local areas that I am very familiar with if you need some recommendations.

On the day of the session, I will try to be quick and efficient as I know all too well how fast things can go downhill with a cranky child. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks for your child(ren), preferably water and non-messy snacks that won't stain skin and clothing. Crackers, dry cereal, fruit snacks, etc. are all good options.

When it comes to photographing children, I like to capture the true essence of a child's personality by letting them be who they are at that particular stage in their life. Instead of rigid and formal posing, I prefer to let the children play and be themselves. In twenty years, when you look back at your photos, I want you to remember exactly who your child was at that moment in time!

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