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Planning Your Newborn Session

The ideal time for a newborn session is within the first 5-10 days of the baby’s life. This is the best time to get those adorable, sleepy, womb-like newborn photos. It's best to schedule your newborn session while you're still pregnant. I will put your due date on my calendar to ensure your spot and when your baby arrives, simply call to schedule an actual day and time!

Although it may seem impossible to get out of the house or prepare for photos so early in your baby's life, you will not regret it. Your baby will never be this tiny again. You will never be able to get these kind of photos again.

Since mom may be recovering from childbirth, it is usually best to have another person present during the session to help with positioning and “spotting” the baby.

Bring baby dressed in loose fitting clothes to avoid marks on the skin. Also, please avoid anything that has to go over baby’s head to disturb him/her as little as possible. A simple sleeper is best.

On the day of your session, interact with baby and try to keep him/her awake for as long as possible prior to your arrival at the studio. Bathing and keeping baby undressed can help stimulate and keep them awake. This will ensure that baby is nice and sleepy for our session.

Please be sure to fill baby's tummy nice and full before you leave for the studio.

Baby will most likely need to be fed again while you are here so please plan accordingly. Even if your baby is on a schedule and it will not be time to eat, nursing or feeding for comfort will help get the baby to sleep and make for better photos. Please bring a pacifier, if you have one, to help soothe your baby when transitioning from one pose to another.

I have a comfortable sitting area where you can nurse/feed your baby and plenty of bottled water in my studio refrigerator as well as snacks, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring your own snacks too, if you like.

Newborn sessions usually last 3 hours. Most of that time is spent calming the baby, getting him/her back to sleep, feeding, nursing, changing, soothing, positioning, setting up the shots, etc. If baby is super sleepy and cooperative, the session may go much quicker but please plan to be at the studio for at least 3 hours on the day of your newborn session.

One, or all of us, will get wet (and maybe worse) since most newborn sessions are conducted with the baby naked. I expect this to happen and all of my props are washable. I have plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer in the studio. Please bring extra diapers and wipes with you.

If mom or dad will be participating in the photos, please let me know ahead of time. A white/cream or black short-sleeved shirt is suggested for dad and a white/cream or black tank or blouse for mom works well. Simple is best. If parents are comfortable with skin to skin shots with baby, those make for very tender images as well.

If siblings will be participating, please let me know prior to your session. We will shoot those images first. Cream or white (or bare skin) is suggested for siblings. Jeans and/or simple dresses are also very nice. Due to the length and nature of the session, it is recommended that someone be available to take the other child(ren) home or out of the studio while we finish the remainder of the newborn photos.

For planning purposes, please email or text a photo of any special items you will be bringing with you (hats, blankets, etc.) prior to your session. Also, if you have color preferences or colors you wish to avoid, please let me know in advance as all props will be selected and ready to go upon your arrival at the studio.

Safety is always my number one priority over getting the perfect shot. I will never do anything to compromise the safety of your baby while he or she is in my studio. Also, patience is the name of the game when it comes to newborns. I will take my time to make sure we capture the most amazing shots of your little one!


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