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Planning Your Maternity Session

Pregnancy is a time of great change. Maternity portraits are a fabulous way to capture your changing body as you await the arrival of the new addition to your family.

It can also be a time of uncertainty. Even if you aren’t overjoyed with the changes in your body right now, these photos will become a treasured part of this very special time in your life in years to come.

My sessions are fun and relaxed. I will do my very best to choose poses and lighting that are flattering to your changing body. All of my photos are digitally refined to enhance your natural beauty. My goal is to make you feel and look as radiant and beautiful as possible!

The ideal time for a maternity session is between 32-36 weeks. You want to be pregnant enough that your belly is prominent but not so pregnant that you’re swollen and uncomfortable.

Please try to arrive a few minutes early to your session so we can discuss your wardrobe selections. One casual and one dressy outfit are recommended. Choose outfits that flatter your figure, show off your bump and are comfortable. Pre-pregnancy jeans (unbuttoned, of course) and a body hugging t-shirt are nice options. A clingy dress also looks great in photos as do opened sweaters, robes or button down shirts. Try to choose medium to dark colors and solid prints. Feel free to bring a variety of options and I will help you choose the most flattering selections.

If you are comfortable with nude/skin shots and/or fabric shots, I have plenty of lovely fabric and maternity gowns in the studio. Lacey boy shorts and bras add a nice touch under fabric shots or alone. I will respect your wishes for modest shots, if that is what you desire.

If you have special baby items (shoes, blankets, toys, ultrasound photos, name blocks, etc.) feel free to bring those to the session. They make great additions to your photos.

Your hands will likely be a prominent feature in many of your images. Treating yourself to a manicure before your session may be a nice touch. Also, feel free to wear a special bracelet or piece of jewelry to add interest to your photos.

If your partner and/or other children will be participating in the session, they should wear dark, solid clothing that coordinates with yours. When other children are involved, I usually try to do the family shots first and then have your partner take the children out for a walk while we finish the session. Feel free to bring toys and snacks to keep them occupied as well.

Please avoid arriving in clothing that will leave marks on your skin such as elastic-waist pants, tight-fitting underwear and socks.

Most maternity sessions take about an hour to an hour and a half. Some of that time will involve setting up the shots and lighting, changing clothes and discussing poses and ideas. Sessions are always laid back and fun. I will take my time to make sure we capture some amazing shots of you and your growing belly.

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